Year 9 French

Year 9 is split into 3 main topic areas:

Click on the links above to go to the relevant pages, which will give you resources and information.

Your assessments

The national curriculum for Wales asks us to assess you in 3 different skills:

  1. Oracy – that’s listening and speaking
  2. Reading
  3. Writing

By the end of year 9, the majority of you will achieve an overall level of around level 5 or 6 across the 3 skills, but you may well be higher in some skills than in others.

Here’s an overview of the different levels for the national curriculum in Wales:

Download a copy for you to use at home: pupil-speak NC Levels

We use a program called Task Magic to create many of the games that we play on the whiteboard in school. If you’d like to play the games at home you can, but you’ll need to download the you will have to visit this site and download the file called TMPlay3.exe. You must then right click on the file name and click on “Save as” – this will allow you to save the file to your own computer, and you can then play it by opening up task magic, and selecting it there.

This will allow you to play all of the task magic games that you can access through this site and through the school’s moodle


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