GCSE French Grammar



The Negative


Present Tense

Alors on danse – a unit of work based on the song by Stromae looking at the perfect tense

Alors on danse – video

Perfect Tense – Le Passé Composé


  • A really good video can be seen here.
  • Here’s another video which deals specifically with the verbs which take être – meet Mrs Vandertramp!
  • Perfect Tense with avoir – good old GCSE bitesize does it again!
  • Perfect Tense with être – more GCSE Bitesize
  • Tex French Grammar – a more in-depth explanation for those of you who like to have practice sessions as well. This link is to the avoir page – jump to the être page and reflexive verbs pages for more information.

Future Tensestaf3_lune


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