GCSE French – General resources and information

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GCSE French

We follow the WJEC GCSE course. Details and the specification can be found on the WJEC website.

We will cover material relating to the following 4 themes:

  • Personal and Social Life
  • The Local Community
  • The World of Work
  • The Wider World

Useful resources for GCSE French

  • Wordle – create word clouds to help in your speaking and writing preparation
  • Word Reference – the best online dictionary around
  • Vokicreate speaking avatars to help you to practice your pronunciation.
  • Task magic– download a home version from here so you can play games with your school TM files.

Learning Vocab

Revision materials

  • The French Revision site – lots of games and activities to help you to revise – there are also links to edexcel past papers – not the board we use, but really useful as the same vocab is tested.
  • RealFrench.net – lots of practice organised into easy to access units.
  • Bitesize Bingo – to help you to learn your vocab
  • Task Magic games for revision – and a version of Task Magic that you can download onto your home computer
  • Zut – a good resource for all areas of the WJEC specification
  • S-Cool French – a good all-round resource – has exam-style questions on it.
  • WildFrench – some simple reading exercises – good to help you practice vocab.
  • Past papers to complete – they’re from Edexcel, but still have the same types of questions.
  • Words that sound the same – practise the words you mix up.
  • listening practice – lots of audio tracks to help you to revise for your listening paper.
  • Free Rice – a fun game where you can help to donate rice whilst revising vocab.
  • Revision World – a website you need to create an account for, but has some useful video resources.
  • TV5 – lots of challenging resources on this site, which is a French site aimed at learners.

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