French Film

We look at lots of films in our French lessons – either French-made films or English-language films which we can get hold of with a French soundtrack and English subtitles.

On this page you will find lots of links and resources to help you to understand those films.

General resources

Allociné – everything about everything to do with French cinema.

French Nouvelle Vague – about this film movement

Entre les murs – la Classe

Les choristes

If you get to the end of key stage 3 and haven’t seen this film, you need to improve your attendance! French teachers (especially this one) like this film!

Les Triplettes de Belleville




lahainedvdcoll10ansaplaLa Haine

This is a phenomenal film, but one you are unlikely (with us at least) to see unless you study A level French.



Le Grand Voyagele grand voyage

Completely overlooked film on the A level specification. We look at this film in year 10 when we are studying the theme of Voyages et Vacances




2 thoughts on “French Film

  1. Thank you so much for the Ratatouille Resource. My students are going to love this unit. I plan to move into a “Master Chef” unit after this.

  2. What an excellent Ratatouille resource! My students watched the film in French (it’s available on DVD in English AND French if you buy it in Canada). Thank you so much!

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