Bienvenue – Croeso – Welcome!

This site was put up to allow my students to download class materials that they’d lost, misplaced, or the dog had eaten.

I am no longer a serving teacher (I’m now one of the 1000s who have left the profession because of government bullying and pressure) but am leaving these materials here for the free use of others.

Here are some other useful sites for you:

Wordreference is an excellent online dictionary. Use this BEFORE google translate (in fact, never use google translate!)


European Day of Languages – Similar but different – can you tell which is which?

Free Rice – a vocab game to play that has real benefits for people who need food!

Around Europe in 40 languages – did you realise that Europe is an incredibly diverse linguistic melting pot? Find out more here!




One thought on “Bienvenue – Croeso – Welcome!

  1. I enjoyed your blog and I’m looking forward to creating one of my own! Thank you for your inspiration!

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